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Berton plissé – plissettature, stropicciature e adesivature su tessuti e pelli



We are aware of the importance of innovation in our business, we dispose the latest equipments with features that can make all types of pleats:

- Diamant Machines: folds flat, "cannoncini" (guns)
- Cristal Machines: accordion folds
- Fantasy Machines: any type of pleats (wavy, wrinkled, broken,   bones, harlequin, etc.)
- Pleating Machines, folds over 4cm
- Creasing Machines


We can execute workmanship of textile fabrics or leather of any kind, customized to specific customer requirements.


Berton plissè - MachineryBerton plissè - MachineryBerton plissè - MachineryBerton plissè - Machinery

Berton plissè - Machinery